Minimalistic Faith Decor For Children

Minimalistic Faith Decor For Children

Posted by Katherine Guzman on Jan 17th 2018

Spreading faith to our children is very important. One of the easiest and fun ways to bring that spiritual presence into your children’s space is through décor. Whether it is their bedroom you’re looking to decorate or their play room. If you’re the parent who hates clutter and lives for minimalistic decorating then this is for you! We’ve gathered 5 different decorating ideas for your child’s room that will take up very little space but hold so much meaning.

1. Wall Plaques

The first thing you want to do is see if there is any open space on the walls. If so, consider adding a wall plaque like we chose for this ocean inspired room. It has a fun animated image and a prayer for them to learn.

2. Crib Medals

Decorating your baby’s crib is another way you can bring Faith décor into your child’s room. A simple Guardian Angel Medal like the one we chose below can bring you and your baby a sense of security. Crib medals are a nice detail to add to the room and they take up no space at all!


3. Picture Frames

We all know babies grow up way too fast so take advantage of those beautiful baby faces and frame them for memories and gloating. For this room we chose our unique Guardian Angel Photo Frame and added it to the night stand.

4. Crosses

If you’re going for more of a traditional route in decorating your child’s room then a cross would be the perfect item to add. We chose our kid friendly standing cross with a prayer to their Guardian Angel.

5. Rosary Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are a dainty way to add décor to the room. This box can be a nice accent to add to the night stand or dresser. For this room we chose to add our My First Rosary Keepsake box on the night stand. 


Try out these ideas and let us know your favorite!

Products Mentioned:

1. "Noah's Ark with Prayer" Wall Plaque

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3. 10-1/2" My Guardian Angel Baptism Frame

4. Guardian Angel Premium Standing Cross

5. Pink- My First Rosary Keepsake Box w/ Rosary