DIY Bible Journal Tie

DIY Bible Journal Tie

Posted by Katherine Guzman on Jan 31st 2018

Journals are a very special way to grow your faith and become closer to God. We think they should look just as special as they are to you. Whether you are on a tight budget or just bored of looking at your current journal, we came up with the perfect way to personalize it. Journal ties are a great way to accessorize a journal or make certain that no one opens it. For this project we featured our beautiful One Day at a Time Medal as an accent for the tie. Curious to know how we turned this ordinary journal into a personal reminder of strength and faith? Then just keep reading...

bible journal

1. Tools you will need:

- Ribbon

- Tape


- Scissors


2. Cut one short piece of ribbon and tape it to the inside of the front cover

3. Cut one piece long enough to wrap around the journal twice and tape it to the inside of the back cover

4. Loop the long piece of ribbon through the medal ring

Bible Journal Tie with Medal

5. Wrap the long ribbon around the journal twice then make a ribbon with the shorter piece

Bible Journal

Voila! You just made your very own bible journal tie.